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       from a dream to reality...       

Hi! I'm  Brandy J. Flynn,  the owner/creator of The Bee Line. My passion has always been finding inspirational and motivational quotes, which I have used to motivate and inspire people that I come into contact with.   As a mental health specialist by trade, I wanted to go outside of the box (or in my case the couch) and inspire people outside of therapy. As I have taken the role of an inspirational influencer, I created The Bee Line to pour my inspiration and motivation into products.


The Bee Line came about with two things that I love: inspirational sayings and coffee mugs. From that, it grew into a full inspirational product line. The purpose of The Bee Line is to help inspire and motivate people to truly believe in themselves and to learn to have self-care for themselves. The products from The Bee Line are a simple reminder that you are truly the person that you believe you are and help you to make it your reality.

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